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Integrative Multiscale Engineering of Materials & Systems Group

iMEMS Group is an academic research group working on the integrative aspect of novel materials, systems and functions and the exploration of new phenomena, which could be engineered for technological benefit. At the core of the group’s research, there is a strong emphasis on theoretical, applied mathematical and physical modelling paradigms. Special interests are in the fundamental problems arising in the fields of mechanics of materials, structural dynamics, acoustic and electromagnetic wave propagations, multiscale and multiphysics phenomena and outstanding problems at the interfaces of physics and chemistry of materials, and problems arising from mathematical modeling paradigm in complex materials and structures. A major part of research activity aims to translate fundamental understanding into integrated systems involving mechanical, electronic and photonic sensing, control, actuation, signal processing and diagnostics for application in aerospace, energy and bio-engineering systems. The lab facilities are located in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IISc, Bangalore.

Featured Projects

Signal and Data Science

Following are the topical problems of interest under the broad category of multiscale modeling and simulation arising from spatial-temporal …

Multiscale Modeling & Simulation

Finite Element MethodEnriched field interpolation schemes in finite element in general and its application in spectral finite element method …


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