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Materials and Structures

List of Journals – Materials and Structures

Stable configurations of graphene on silicon, Javvaji, B., Shenoy, B. M., Mahapatra, D. R., Ravikumar, A., Hegde, G. M., & Rizwan, M. R., Applied Surface Science 414 (2017): 25-33, Available online 19 April 2017,

A. Purwar, D. R. Mahapatra, Design of Thermal Barrier coating system for Scramjet using Coupled Thermo-Structural Analysis, Transactions of Indian Ceramic Society, 2016,

Growth of Zinc Oxide Nanorod Structures: Pressure Controlled Hydrothermal Process and Growth Mechanism, R. Vasireddi, B. Javvaji, H. Vardhan, D. R. Mahapatra and G.M. Hegde, Journal of Materials Science, (2017) 52: 2007, 10.1007/s10853-016-0489-0.

Risedronate/zinc-hydroxyapatite based nanomedicine for osteoporosis, Deepak Kumar Khajuria, Choudhary Disha, Ramakrishna Vasireddi, Rema Razdan, D Roy Mahapatra, Materials Science and Engineering :C 63, 78-87 (2016), doi:10.1016/j.msec.2016.02.062.

Stabilization of the high-temperature and high-pressure cubic phase of ZnO by temperature-controlled milling, CS. Tiwary, D Vishnu, AK Kole, J Brahmanandam, DR Mahapatra, P Kumbhakar and K. Chattopadhyay, Journal of Materials Scence 1, (2015), doi: 10.1007/s10853-015-9394-1.

Mechanical properties of CNT-Bisphenol E cyanate ester-based CFRP nanocomposite developed through VARTM process, S Rao, K Renji, MR Bhat, DR Mahapatra, …

Modelling and Simulation

List of Journals – Modelling and SimulationStable configurations of graphene on silicon, Javvaji, B., Shenoy, B. M., Mahapatra, D. R., Ravikumar, A., Hegde, G. M., & Rizwan, M. R., Applied Surface Science 414 (2017): 25-33, Available online 19 April 2017, 

Understanding coupled electro-thermal processes in the catastrophic failure of organic electronic devices, J A Krishnaswamy, G Pavan Kumar, P C Ramamurthy, D Roy Mahapatra, G M Hegde, Organic Electronics,  39 (2016): 354-360.

Mechanical properties of Graphene: MD simulations correlated to continuum based scaling laws, B. Javvaji, P. R. Budarapu, V. K. Sutrakar, D. Roy Mahapatra, M. Paggi, G. Zi and T. Rabczuk, Computational Materials Science,

Lattice orientation and crack size effect on the mechanical properties of graphene, P. R. Budarapu, B. Javvaji, V. K. Sutrakar, D. Roy Mahapatra, M. Paggi, G. Zi and T. Rabczuk, International Journal of Fracture, Accepted: May 10, 2016, doi: 10.1007/s10704-016-0115-9.

Molecular dynamics simulation of nanometer scale mechanical properties …

Smart and Adaptive Systems

List of Journals – Smart and Adaptive Systems

Embedded silicon nanocrystal interface structure and strain, Shenoy, Bhamy Maithry, G. M. Hegde, and D. Roy Mahapatra, Journal of Nanoparticle Research 20.1 (2018): 14,

Moldable biomimetic nanoscale optoelectronic platforms for simultaneous enhancement in optical absorption and charge transport, Krishnaswamy, J. A., Garg, K., Ramamurthy, P. C., Mahapatra, D. R., & Hegde, G. Nanoscale(2018),

Electrochemical non-enzymatic sensing of glucose using advanced nanomaterials, Keerthy Dhara, Debiprosad Roy Mahapatra, Microchimica Acta (2018), volume-185: 49, Available online 13 December 2017

Integration of Non-Destructive Evaluation-based Ultrasonic Simulation: A means for simulation in structural health monitoring, Boller, C., Mahapatra, D. R., Sridaran Venkat, R., Ravi, N. B., Chakraborty, N., Shivamurthy, R., & Simon, K. M. Structural Health Monitoring, 16(5), pp.611-629. Available online 28 August 2017,

Ultrasonic Guided Wave Sensing Characteristics of Large Area Thin Piezo Coating, Rathod, Vivek Thavarsingh, A. Antony Jeyaseelan, Soma Dutta, and D. Roy Mahapatra. Smart Materials and Structures (2017). (Accepted …

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